Student cards are given because of for the following reasons.
New Registration: After registration to our university, along with the start of courses,student cards are distributed to our students at centers established in their faculties and departments.
Loss-Wear Out: When students lose their cards because they are worn out or unreadable, they first apply for a student card by paying the card to the accountant. Cards will be delivered to the student as soon as possible.
Information Change: Marriage, divorce ,name and surname change of certification with a court decision because of may demand a new card .
Double Major Programme: Students who are double majored will have to use their major cards until they graduate from the mother tongue.In case of graduation, double major student cards are printed.
*No changes can be made to student cards due to by OSYM of transfer to our system.It can be modified provided that the special case is documented
IETT Card: The cards of students who have registration in our university and have no previous IETT card will be sent to the university by the IETT Director at the time of registration and distributed with student cards at the beginning of the courses.
In case of loss wear and tear, with student document should be applied to IETT Directorate.