IGU 2021-2022 Academic Year for International Students Final Registration Documents

IGU 2021-2022 Academic Year Required Documents for Final Registration

1. Original high school diploma and its notarized Turkish translation (If high school education language is Turkish or English, a notarized translation will not be required.)[1] (Please read the explanation number 1.)
2. Original transcript and its notarized Turkish translation (If high school education language is Turkish or English, a notarized translation will not be required.)
3. Original passport
4. Original residence permit card *(Those who do not have a residence permit card should contact the International Students Office to apply for it.) Those who have blue card given by Republic of Turkey, Temporary Protection Identification Document or Republic of Turkey Identity Card must show their card to Student Affairs while registering.
5. Acceptance letter
6. High school diploma equivalency certificate[2] (Please read the explanation number 2.)
7. Pre-registration payment receipt and first installment payment receipt (You must pay the first installment amount of your remaining payment when you arrive for final registration.)
8. Two passport photographs taken in the last 6 months
9. Those who are under the age of 18 (under age) can register with a parental consent letter stating that their legal guardian allows them to register and study at Istanbul Gelişim University. (The passport copy of mother or father giving consent must be on the consent letter and the letter must be written with the mother or father’s own handwriting.) You can click this link for petition sample. 
10. For departments requesting special conditions, a medical board report and a criminal record are requested *(Criminal record will be requested only from the student who become a Turkish citizen).[3] (Please read explanation number 3.)
11. Departments requiring the special talent examination are Graphic Design (Undergraduate degree), Coaching Training (Undergraduate degree), Exercise and Sport Sciences (Undergraduate degree), Exercise and Sports for Disabled (Undergraduate degree), Recreation (Undergraduate degree) and Sports Management (Undergraduate degree) *(These departments, except for Graphic Design, require special conditions and a health report).
12. Transfer students: In case students request to be exempt from the courses which they have taken in their previous universities, they apply for our university for exemption. The documents submitted by the students shall be verified by their previous universities. Whether the previous university is recognized by Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK) shall be questioned. If the required verifications are not taken, the exempted courses shall be cancelled. *(This article applies only to transfer student).

[1]  If your diploma grade does not meet the criteria determined by our university, you must take YÖS exam (Examination for Foreign or Overseas Students) YÖS exam does not prevent you from registering. You can click the link to learn diploma grade criteria. 
[2] Those who graduated from a high school in any country except for Turkey or an International school in Turkey must get an equivalency certificate. Students can get the equivalency certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Education in Turkey or the Education Attaché at the Turkish Embassy in your country. When you apply for the equivalency certificate, you must have the acceptance letter from our university, the original diploma and transcript with you. *(In order to avoid problems in the equivalency process, the approvals obtained by consulate/embassy/foreign ministry/ministry of national education etc. in your diploma must be complete and you must also have your transcript of the previous years with you along with the last year’s transcript.). You can get an online appointment from Turkish Ministry of Education
[3] Departments Requesting Special Conditions: For the departments of Civil Aviation Cabin Services (Associate degree), (For the Civil Aviation Cabin Services, you must a medical board report from the authorized hospitals the link for the list of the authorized hospitals) (click the link to reach the list of authorized hospitals ) Aviation Management (Undergraduate degree), Civil Aviation Transportation Management (Associate degree), Aircraft Airframe Engine Maintenance (Undergraduate degree), Aircraft Technology (Associate degree), and Flight Operations Management (Associate degree),  you can get a medical board report from any state or private hospital, and these departments are subject to special conditions by the decision of YÖK. You can click the link to get information on how to get a medical board report  or you can contact Student Affairs via