Graduation Requirements

Students who fulfill all the requirements of the education programs of the students registration to Istanbul University of Education, Higher School, Vocational School and double major / minor programs and who have GANO 2.00 or higher and have a minimum of 120 ECTS credits Students with at least 240 ECTS credits will be eligible for graduation.
Graduation Process and Submission of Documents
Graduates can start the graduation process by coming to the student affairs with the student ID card,transcripts,high school diploma 1 temporary graduation certificate and 2 copies of this certificate are given to student.If the graduate can not make the student process himself,the student can initiate transactions by giving official power of attorney,If the student is abroad, his / her power of attorney must be taken from the consulate of T.C(Turkish Republic).

Article 6
 - The design, shape and paper size of the diploma are determined by the rector.

On the front right side of the diploma,
1.The logo and name of the university
2.Name of Faculty / Institute / Collage / Vocational School,
3.Name and surname of student,
4.Completed department  and / or main science branch name / program name,
5.Degree (Associate Degree, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate),
6.The Dean / Director of the relevant unit on the lower left corner, the Rector, name, surname, title and signature on the lower right corner,
*Diplomas are signed by the Dean / Director and the Rector who are in charge at the time of the arrangement.
On the front left side of the diploma, graduated have been student's:
1.Turkey Republic ID card number
2. Date of graduation, (date of graduation of the related administrative board)
3. Diploma number
4. The date of the diploma (the date on which the diploma is arrengement).

On the back of the diploma, graduated have been student's;
1. Student Number
2.T. C. (Turkey Republic)identity number / passport number for foreign nationals,
3. Name and Surname
4. Registration date to university
5. . Date of graduation, (date of graduation of the related administrative board)
6. Diploma number
7. Signature of Head of Student Affairs Department,
Article 15
-For those who have lost their diploma, diploma supplement, temporary graduation document or certificate and want to change or renew in the event that the following conditions are fulfilled, a second copy may be given for the once by the decision of the relevant board of directors.
a) A person who has lost a diploma,diploma supplement,temporary graduation document or certificate;writes a petition to the institution that he has graduated due to having lost his diplomas,it must be an identification card at the time of application,it is stated that it is the second copy (duplicate) on the diploma sample to be arranged.The graduated board of directors examines the documents by looking at their own records and decides whether to accept the request. Upon acceptance of the request, the second copy of the diploma (Duplicate) is prepared.
*The second copy (Duplicate) fee to be taken from the graduates is determined by the University Board of Trustees.
b) It is stated that the re-arranged diploma is the second copy(duplicate).The diploma is signed by the relevant unit manager or rector.
c) If the student's diploma is not printed,In case of marriage or name-surnames court decision in  a change students diploma will be edited with new information.
d) As long as the identity and graduation information is preserved,the diplomas / documents which are torn, destroyed for any reason and which should be rearranged are replaced with new ones, provided that the original of the old document is returned.If you want to change the diploma / certificate, apply to the Student Affairs Office with a petition. The request is accompanied by an old diploma / certificate, certified identity card (photo). The date on which the diploma / certificate to be issued is rewritten on both sides with the statement "re-prepared" shall be written and signed by the relevant unit manager and / or the Rector at the time of the arrangement.
e) If the second copy is lost, no other copy is given,however lost document is given The procedure for issuing the second copy shall be applied in the arrangement of the lost document.

Students who are fail except for a dersten attendance condition and who are the only course for graduation, are entitled to one course examination on the period and date specified in the academic calendar, provided that they apply with a petition. The student who fails the single course exam also takes the course again in the following semester. After the course is taken again, the student can take the one-course examination stated in the academic calendar.

Students who have completed all the courses and have succeeded but whose overall grade average is less than 2.00, can not be graduated,students in this situation have entitled to take a one course examination,they need to write a petition to the department's secretariat for enter the exam.