The list of the main and substitute students who are entitled to enroll in Double Major programs will be announced on Tuesday, 10.08.2021.


The main candidates who are entitled to enroll will not be called for face-to-face registration due to the Pandemic. Registrations will be completed online until Thursday, 12.08.2021 via the link to be put in the announcement lists.


The list of substitute students will be announced after completion of the registration of the main students. Substitute students will be able to enroll until Monday, 16.08.2021. Registrations of the students who are entitled to enroll in a department that does not have substitute candidates can be received until Monday, 16.08.2021.


After registration, exemption tables showing the courses you are exempt from will be sent to your student e-mail addresses.

9 Ağustos 2021 Pazartesi