2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester Courses will start on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.
• All Theoretical and Applied Courses (Lab and studio etc.) will be delivered Synchronous (live/interactive) or Asynchronous (online/non-interactive) with the Distance Education System (LMS).

• As all courses will be delivered through Distance Education System (LMS), our students do not need to come to the campus till the second notification.

• Our students may not concern about it. Your health situation is more important to us. If any progressive news is received about COVID-19, we will let you know about in the second notification.

• Synchronous (live/interactive) lessons will be held on the day and time announced in the course schedule. Since the courses are registered on LMS, students can view the lessons outside of the class hours.

• No class hour has been offered for asynchronous (online/non-interactive) courses. These courses are uploaded on LMS. Students are able to get them in any available time.

• Students are required to attend and continue their courses on LMS. The attendance requirement is 70% for theoretical courses and 80% for applied courses.

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