The students are required to submit a Transcript, Student Document, Military Status Document, Course Content, etc. to provide documentation.
The origin of the documents requested from any institution dealing with the pupil's student status.
Making a complete procurement of the exam papers delivered by the Instructors within the period specified in the academic calendar and to make a notice.
Admission of exam appeal petitions, execution and finalization of the assessment process (suspension of grades)
Archiving of exam papers ,Storage for 2 years and subsequent destruction.
Suspension of relevant lecture notes following the determination of make-up exams by departments.
Analyzing the systematic difficulties that students have experienced during the course registration period by passing them to related institutions. To direct students to make course registration approvals.
Carrying out the process of loss of student cards and distribution of IETT cards or similar processes.
Adaptation and exemption processes performed by departments in the system.
To carry out processes in horizontal / vertical transitions (Registration, adjustment, exemption, course registration ...)
Lateral / Vertical transition students of the exemption requests and objections to apply to the dean/directorate followed by systematic processing with the decision of administrative board.
Double major students examption procedures application for by dean or directorate  followed by systematic processing with the decision of administrative board course registration procedures and control of legislative appropriateness of double major process.
The management of all internship procedures of students and their documentation.
Single course and note upgrade exams are systematically processed and announced.
Management of the process of Summer school (such as course registration, registration, exams, etc.).
Management of all process of foreign students nationals.
Identification and control of curricula in the system.
Archiving and tracking of student files the paperwork done.
Temporary graduation and diploma processing of students perform.
Answering and redirection the e-mails.
Solving problems of students and redirect them to relevant units
Selection of quotas, submission to management for approval, and processing of the data in the YÖK database (ÖSYM General, Lateral/ Vertical transition Foreign Students Student Quotas)
Follow-up and management process of all announcements made by YOK through YOKSIS.
Student discipline procedures, control and processing in the system.
Institution internal and external of correspondence to be make.
Registration deleting and stopping.
Preparing for Higher Education Council(YÖK) supervision to be make.